Bazooka ball

Bazooka Ball is a fast paced game that is a mix between laser tag and paintball, without the pain of paintball. Bazooka ball uses paintball guns with a special barrel that shoots golf ball sized soft foam balls. Players wear vests that have sensors. When a sensor is hit, it registers a score on our arena scoreboard. Players also wear protective masks. Up to 10 players play at a time in our black light arena. Players must be 6 years of age to play. Sorry, no exceptions. Players must sign a waiver prior to playing. Those under 18 must have a waiver signed by a legal guardian on file, prior to playing. Follow the link in the menu bar to sign a waiver online.

$8.00 + Tax Per Person for a 10 Minute Game

laser maze

In our laser maze you enter a room full of laser beams with a goal of climbing under and over the beams without breaking them, all while trying to get the fastest time on the clock.

$3.00 + Tax per person – two tries


cannonball Air Blasters

Up to four players compete in our Cannonball Air Blaster arena. The cannons are air fed, so all you have to do is drop a ball in the top to shoot! This is a perfect option for the whole family! The goal of the game is to shoot balls into your opponents net on the end of their cannon.

$3.00 + Tax Per Person for a 5 Minute Game

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