Three Fun Attractions under one roof at the Vancouver Mall!


We are closing our doors on August 31, 2017. Come in play before that date!

Our Laser Maze and Cannonball Air Blasters will move to Safari Mini Golf in September!


Bazooka Ball

Our main attraction is Bazooka Ball, a mix between laser tag and paintball! We have equipped paintball guns with a special barrel that shoots soft foam balls! Don’t worry mom and dad, as the balls don’t hurt! Players wear a vest (that registers hits on the scoreboard) as well as a protective mask!  A waiver signed by a legal guardian must be on file and you must be at least 6 years of age to play.


Laser Maze

Step into our room full of lasers and see if you can climb under and over the lasers without breaking the beams.

Challenge your friends to see who can complete the maze in the fastest time with the lowest score!



cannonball air blasters

Up to four people compete at  a time on our Cannonball Air Blasters. Players take aim at the net on the front of their opponents Cannons. The player with the least amount of balls in their net is the winner! This is a great option for the whole family! 


Birthday Parties

Your kids will have a blast while they celebrate their birthday at Bazooka Battle. Our packages include each of the attractions that we offer as well as a private party room.

Choose our “The Works Package” and give your kids an added treat of a game of mini golf at our sister store, Safari Mini Golf.